Try a Kundalini Yoga class

I would love to be able to give you a class of Kundalini Yoga. Then you can see for yourself how powerful Kundalini Yoga truly is. If you accept the challenge, I need say no more… you will experience it for yourself!

In fact, it would be my pleasure to give you the first class for free!

(Free offer for a regular class only)

“Gabrielle’s Kundalini class is the best you’ll ever join. Each morning with Gabrielle felt like going to a retreat, a journey inward that left me inspired and energized for the rest of the week. I enjoyed the physical and mental challenge and, above all, I loved her soothing voice and gentle guidance. I’ve moved away and have been trying other Kundalini classes, but none come close to the amazing experience I had with Gabrielle.”  

Patricia Zacharias Monahan

*Regular Classes

I teach two classes per week.

On wednesdays at 10:00 AM 

On wednesdays at 07:00 PM 

Classes take place at the Monteprincipe Development, in Boadilla del Monte.

Prices are as follows:

*A set of 5 classes valid 2 months: 75 euros

*A single class – 17 euros

If you are interested, please send me an email to or call me at the following number 685453597  so I can explain how to get there and what clothes you should wear to class.


*Classes at your home

I am also available to give classes at your home.

For this type of class I charge:

*60 euros – for one student 

*75 euros – for 2 students

*90 euros – for 3 students

(This price includes everything you need for the class.)