A long time ago – I met a man.

The beginnings were lovely – full of dreams and hopes.

But as time went by, the relationship started to wane… and it finally ended.

The ending of the relationship did not surprise me.

I knew in the bottom of my heart that this man was not meant for me and that it was better like that.

But nonetheless, letting go of this past relationship took me a huge amount of time.

And many women I know have had difficulties to let go of a past relationship as well – even if the relationship had reached its conclusion or both of the partners were unhappy.

Learning to let go of someone you’ve built a deep connection with or whom you’ve shared some beautiful moments with – sometimes your life – can be extremely difficult.

Especially for women.

Men usually move on a lot quicker than we do.

Take a look  around you… and you will understand what I mean.

So why? Why does it take so long for women to let go of a past relationship?

Is there a reason that nobody told us about?

Well… yes.

The reason why it is more difficult for women to let go of a past relationship and move on is due to their double arcline.

The arcline is an energetic body.

It is where we hold deep genetic memories and past lives.

Both men and women have an arcline on top of the head, that extends from earlobe to earlobe.

Many cultures recognize this arcline as a mark of a realised transcendent consciousness – and the Saints and holy persons are depicted in art with a brilliant halo, a circle of light on top of the head.

Women, however, have an extra arcline that is located from nipple to nipple in addition to the arcline across the brow.

This additional arcline holds the imprint of past romantic relationships.

According to some old Kundalini Yoga Teachings, all the relationships we have along our life are imprinted in our arcline.

There is a lovely explanation behind this.

A long time ago, men were often forced to leave their homes to go hunting or go to war… so women were spending a long amount of time alone  and often raised their children almost alone.

The memory of their partner was printed in their arcline so that they could share it with their newborn… and babies could feel the protective energy of their mother and father when they were near their mother’s chest.

Lovely, isn’t it?

And today we continue to preserve the memory of our partner in our arcline.

The memory of our relationships – all of them – is printed in our arc-line… whether we like it or not… whether we are aware of it or not.

And these prints can last for years after the relationship ends.

Up to 7 years said Yogi Bhajan.

There is no rule there… it will be different for each one of us.

But ultimately, it will depend on the strength of our arcline.

The stronger our arcline, the less we will be affected and the quicker we will be able to let go of our past relationship.

The weaker our arcline, the  more we will be affected… and the longer it will take us to let go of our past relationship.

When I look backwards, I now understand why it took me so much time to let go of this past relationship and finally move on.

My arcline was very weak at the time.

The strength of our arcline is directly connected to our Inner light, our soul.

The deeper our conection to our soul, the stronger our arcline is.

The problem is that the connection to our soul is usually dormant.

We know we have a soul… but we remain stuck in our minds, unable to reach our sacred  inner space.

It is essential to awaken our soul in order to repair our arcline holes due to past relationships with men.

By strengthening this second arcline, we can finally let go of our past relationships… and embrace who we truly are… a spiritual being on a human journey.

So… how do you strengthen your arcline concretely?

By practicing powerful meditations using specific breathing techniques, movements and mantras.

Letting go is not an intellectual process.

Letting go means doing energetic work… and working at both the subconscious and cellular levels.

Our life is imprinted in our subconscious and in our cells.

If we do not erase our past memories from our subconscious and cells, we will continue to live in the past and repeat our past.

The letting go process embraces all layers and levels of our body-mind and soul.

According to yogic wisdom, body and mind are One.

There is no separation between body and mind.

It is sometimes surprising to think about body and mind as a single entity because the West tends to separate body and mind.

Yogis always talk about the unity of the body-mind. And of the importance of aligning body and mind on our soul.

If you are new to spirituality, it may look a bit strange to you.

But letting go of your past relationship will lead you to this very existential question.

Who am I?

This is a question that we all face at some point in our lives.

And the end of a relationship is a great time to ask this question, because looking for an answer will force us to look inside ourselves.

This is the reason why for many women, the end of a relationship is often the beginning of a spiritual journey.

This was certainly the beginning of my own spiritual journey.

And at the end… a true blessing.

Sat Nam.

Please, tell me more about your own story in the comments below. I would love to know it. Life is all about relationships, isn’t it? Let’s share experiences and create some meaningful relationships through this blog.
Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

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