Sat Nam dear Soul,

2022 is almost here!

It is time to dive deeper in the numerology of 2022.

2022 is 2+2+2 in numerology.

So… lots of 2s… leading to a 6.

The number 6 in numerology

Let’s dive into this powerful 6 first and see what it means in Kundalini numerology.

The 6 is the number that symbolizes the point of balance between the cosmic world and the physical world.

It is the number that is connected to our 6th body, our arcline.

It is a very deep number – an invitation to look within and listen to our intuition. So that we can see beyond the visible and know, feel, sense what is our next move, our next step.

The sixth center is called the “person in prayer”. Someone who knows that their vibrational frequency is what manifests everything in their life. Someone who is deeply connected to their sacredness, their divinity… and their third eye.

In terms of relationships, being in touch with our intuition allows us to listen to that feeling that is there to protect us from getting involved in something destructive. Or that feeling that allows us to connect heart to heart with our partner and feel when energy is flowing freely or is blocked between the two of us.

If we are in tune with our soul and connected to our sixth body, we can have a very deep soul-to-soul connection, a subtle exchange of energies in a look, a glance, a touch or even the thought of the other during the day. 

This allows us to develop an ability to feel and approach our loved one with grace and connect with them on the level where they can hear us. We know how to use the subtleties of gesture, tone of voice and facial expression. We know what kind of vocabulary to use or when it’s time to speak or not. (Sometimes timing is everything in a conversation).

A strong sixth body gives the ability to maintain the projection of the long-term intention of a relationship over the desire to be right in the moment. 

The number 2 in numerology

Since this number 6 is composed of 3 number 2’s, it is essential to interpret this number 6 in relation to the number 2 when we take a closer look at the numerology of 2022. The number 2 represents the desire to belong – that desire, that pull that the soul has to join the infinite soul.

The key to feeling attuned to this number is to connect with a spiritual teacher and/or teachings that can teach a way to awaken one’s soul, change limiting beliefs and live a more conscious life.
This number corresponds to the second spiritual body: the negative mind. The negative mind helps us to anticipate anything negative or destructive that might happen to us.

Many women do not pay enough attention to the contribution of their negative, protective mind. When they meet a man, they usually jump “into the relationship”, attracted by the man’s charisma and charm. They don’t take the time to learn more about him and his values. 

It is essential to learn to work with our second body – to take the time to pay attention to possible red flags. And also learn to channel the impulses of our Soul through this mental body. So that we can manifest relationships aligned with the light of our Soul. 

If we are well harmonized with this spiritual body, nothing that happens will scare us. Because we will know how to work the negative part with consistency. Without circumstances forcing us to go back and miss the opportunity to grow and move forward on our Love Path. 

I truly hope these insights about the numerology of 2022 will serve you well on your Love Path.

Don’t forget to live the first 12 days of 2022 very consciously, especially the first day of January. Because the first day of the year symbolizes the whole year and at the same time represents the first month of the year. (Each day represents a month – the second of January represents February, the third of January represents March… and so on).

Happy New Year dear Soul.

With all my love,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur


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