You are beautiful.

You are magnificent.

You are full of light.

You are magnetic.

You are sensual.

You are epic.

You are a queen.


If there’s still a part of you that doubts or judges yourself, tell it to step aside – at least for a moment – so that you can fully enjoy the incredible, beautiful woman that you are.

Life is so short.

It is time to fall in love with yourself, fully, deeply.

It is from this place that you want to attract a Soul to Soul relationship – and finally meet the beautiful soul who is waiting for you somewhere in this Universe. 

So, please, dive into this sacred place within you – your magnificent Self which KNOWS and is constantly full of LOVE.

Always remember that if you feel a deep desire to love and be loved, it is because “it is meant to be”.

Once you truly understand that the road to love is the road back to yourself, attracting love will become effortless.

(Don’t forget anymore that YOU ARE SUBLIME.)

With all my love,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

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