About me

I help women embrace their “Love path” with grace… and magic.

You would love to love and be loved. But you have been hurt in the past and you are afraid to be hurt again?

I understand you. I have been there.

“Your task is not to seek and find love, your task is to seek and remove all of the barriers you’ve built within yourself against love” ~ Rumi

The ONLY reason you aren’t enjoying a Soul to Soul relationship yet, is because some aspects of yourself are shut down.  

When you awaken to ALL of who you already are – your magical true essence – you will become irresistible.  

It would be such a blessing to show you how to evolve smoothly and gracefully – from a place of absolute love and compassion for yourself… so that you can attract the beautiful soul who is waiting for you somewhere in this Universe.

It will be the start of a beautiful and magical journey.

I truly believe that if we have the deep desire to attract a magical Soul to Soul relationship… it is because it is meant to be.
It will be a true privilege to guide you on this path.

“We don’t bring what we want in life to us, who we are is what draws those things near.”

Hello! I’m Gabrielle!

My own journey began in Paris, France.

But since the last 18 years, my life has been spent abroad… mainly in Spain… and (a little) in Australia and United Kingdom.

I have always been a seeker – it has lead me to live beautiful, magical experiences along my way.

I spent the first years of my professional life in the entertainment industry – first as a lawyer and then as a documentary director.

But from 2009, I dedicated myself to my true passion… self-development… and Soul to Soul relationships.

I help women break free from old stories, beliefs and patterns that keep them stuck… elevate their energy so that they can remember how magical they truly are.

After many painful relationships failures… and some deep inner work, I had a magical turning point in my life.

It was absolutely life changing.

This huge turning point was the 1600km pilgrimage I did – crossing France and Spain in 2004.

It was a beautiful healing experience which taught me to TRUST myself and the Universe.

The lessons learned on along this incredible path are anchored in me forever… and it really meant the start of my magical spiritual journey.

Just before reaching Santiago de Compostela, I met my husband, Jose Felix. 

A few months later, I moved to Spain and gave birth to our child, Santiago in 2006. 

 After living this life changing experience,

I felt called to deepen even more my spiritual practice and merged into different Teachings about the awakening of the soul, the rising of the Kundalini and soulful relationships.

Throughout these years, I have worked with many teachers such as Prem Kaur, Jaidev Singh, Sarabjit Kaur Khalsa, Devta Singh, Gurushabd Singh or Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa.

And today I am truly passionate about sharing the art and magic of “Soul to Soul Relationships” with the women I Help.

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