About me (or part of it)

Are you highly sensitive and struggling with emotional ups and downs? 


I understand you.

I have been there. 

I know how terrible it feels.

But hopefully, there is a way out.

I can show you how to release your emotions, so you feel free… and actually enjoy the ride.

Life is not perfect. And won’t ever be.

So let’s forget about perfection.

Let’s SHINE… just the way we are…authentic and vulnerable…  perfectly imperfect.

“We don’t bring what we want in life to us, who we are is what draws those things near.”

When you fully understand the meaning of this phrase, you can begin to consciously raise your vibrations.

Hi! I’m Gabrielle!

I’m a highly sensitive soul myself… and after years of being emotionally overwhelmed, I have learned how to release my emotions and reach my inner peace.

It has been a long and beautiful ride… learning to know myself…  experiencing the connection between body, mind and soul… and understanding how to get in control of my emotional and mental state through my body.

I am happy to share with you all the wisdom I have discovered through my journey and especially my love for Kundalini yoga, one of the most ancient and transformational forms of yoga in existenceIt will help you to liberate old fears and emotional blockages, which may be deeply rooted in your subconscious.

Once you start your inner journey, your life will change forever. 

Since I started this journey, my life has literally changed forever and I have made the decision to become a  spiritual life coach and a Yoga teacher in order to share these marvellous tools with the world. So here I am, filled with excitement and enthusiasm, teaching and guiding others.

As Yogis say,“When the student is ready, the teacher will come”.