Have you just experienced the end of a relationship?

I would love to hold a sacred space to help you let go and reignite your Inner Light.

It would be a true privilege to guide you and see you come to peace with yourself and your past before my eyes.

I will remind you that you are loved beyond measure – even when you feel lonely and sad and that you are always guided – always – even when it doesn’t feel like it.

My coaching sessions combine coaching and an experience of Kundalini Yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Why do I always combine Kundalini Yoga, meditation and mindfulness with coaching? 

Just the discussion and keeping it in the mind misses the integration into the body. This combination allows the release of old memories at a subconscious level and grounds our transformation into practical reality so that we see long lasting results.

The beauty of working one-to-one means you get personalised attention and support. My focus is just on you – your questions, your journey, your transformation.

FREE Discovery Session

During this FREE session, we will explore what you need, how may I serve you and feel/know/sense if working together is a good fit. 

*One session of 25′

This session will be on line – via Zoom.

Investment: FREE

Gold Coaching – 3 months

Along those 3 months I will hold a sacred space and help you to let go of your past relationship… so you can embrace your new path with hope and grace.

*Six sessions of 60′

All the sessions will be on line – via Zoom.