Do you feel a burning desire to change within… but you don’t know what you really want… nor where to start? 

Then, let’s find it together!

Life is constant change.

We all have to face existential choices at some point.

It can be exciting and scary at the same time.

It is essential to receive some guidance in such moment… otherwise our fears and old limiting beliefs may block us… and we might miss beautiful opportunities.

I would be happy to walk by your side during this transformational journey.

My sessions combine mentoring, counseling and an experience of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

Why do I always combine Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with mentoring? 

Because changes need to be integrated into the body… otherwise they don’t last long (and real transformation means lifelong changes).

This combination grounds our transformation into practical reality so that we see results.

I will help you create space for new and inspired choices.

So you can make decisions that will enchant both your heart and your mind… and live beautiful meaningful experiences.

The beauty of working one-to-one means you get personalised attention and support. My focus is just on you – your questions, your journey, your transformation.

Boost Mentoring

*One session of 90′

*Two sessions of 60′

Along those 6 weeks I will give you the little boost you need to change.

All the sessions will be on line – via Zoom.

Investment: 660 euros 

Silver Mentoring

*One session of 90′

*Five sessions of 60′

Along those 3 months I will guide you step by step so you can get clarity on your true purpose and start to implement long lasting changes.

All the sessions will be on line – via Zoom.

Investment: 1140 euros 


“I had worked as a lawyer in a big company for many years.
I liked my job. But the pressure was difficult. There was so much stress.

And then, one day the human resources manager told me there was going to be a restructuring and I thought to myself that I could take advantage of it.
I knew I wanted something else… without knowing exactly what.
That’s when I heard about Gabrielle through a friend… and I asked her to accompany me through this transition period which was quite emotionally intense.
Without her, I don’t think I would have had enough self-confidence to take the plunge.”


“Discovering Gabrielle’s Masterclass on Life Cycles made me realize that it was time to move on… and that if I didn’t take my chance now, she might not come back again. So I decided to take a few coaching sessions with her to see a little more clearly on my path. I really liked her very human approach – I could express all my fears… and my desires. She taught me how to maintain my energy at a high level in order to face this exciting and challenging moment in my life. I have now a clear vision of what I want to achieve.”