Many women are afraid of choosing the wrong man again and again.

When I talk to women about love and relationships, one of their biggest concerns is falling in love with a man and then, a few weeks or months later, finding themselves alone and heartbroken.

Many women feel like they always  fall for the wrong man. The one who dumps them after they start to open their hearts and leaves them confused and unhappy, doubting themselves and their ability to love and be loved.

They are afraid of choosing the wrong man again and again… of being abandoned or rejected and end up closing their hearts.

Little by little, their fears prevent them from being approached by men. And many women spend years single, their hearts closed to love.

And when their desire to love and be loved resurfaces from time to time, they quickly dismiss it by telling themselves that men are untrustworthy, that they will leave them anyway, that relationships are a disastrous emotional roller coaster… that they have a beautiful, fulfilling single life… and that if there is a man out there who is right for them, he will miraculously show up on their doorstep one day.

Personally, I KNOW that love is magic and that the right man for them can appear in their lives – miraculously. 

But the question I ask them is:”If that happens, will you be able to RECEIVE him with an open heart?”

And when I ask them to take a closer look at their heart, they usually confess that their heart is closed and they don’t know how to reopen it to receive him.

The fact is, with a closed heart, there is no real emotional connection possible with a man.

And without that deep heart-to-heart connection, it’s impossible to create a fulfilling and lasting relationship with a man.

If these words resonate with you and you know that your heart is closed in some way, I want to tell you that this can change.

So… if you feel a deep longing for love and want to learn how to reopen your heart – safely – so that you can finally create a deep heart-to-heart connection with the man who is meant for you, I would love to guide you in one of my coaching programs.

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