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People are usually surpised when I tell them that practising yoga and meditatation, are the best ways to gain time in life.

But it is the absolute truth!

Yoga and mediatation are incredible accelerators of time.

Everything we draw to ourselves in life depends on our vibrations… We attract what we ARE, not what we want to be.

If we are anxious or worried,  we will attract things and people who resonate with that frequency, whether we  mean to or not.

And while we remain at that vibrational level, everything will be much more complicated and heavy in life. Because at this level, we are totally in tune with our ego, identifying with our thoughts, our emotions and our feelings.

However, we are disconnected from our soul and from love, joy and internal peace.

So if you wish to lead a lovely life that is lighter, happier and full of peace and love… then raise your vibrations. Wake up your soul through yoga and meditation.

And you will see that you will start to attract different kinds of people and that everything will be much less conflictive…everything will flow much better.

This is the best way to truly enjoy life!

So meditate, elevate your vibrations and start to invite nicer people and things into your life.

Sat Nam,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

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