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When we face a problem, do we tend to look for the best solution for ourselves?

Although this often the case, it is clearly the wrong approach.

I discovered this at a conference by Yogi Bhajan that I listened to some months ago. It really struck a chord…and completely changed my outlook. In this conference, Yogi Bajan explained that the best solution for ourselves (that we we most often try to obtain) is not necessarily the best solution for everyone. for the Universe (or God- whoever that may be).
The Universe always supports the best solution for everyone involved, the subtle balance between everyones interests, and that is where the energy lies.
So whatever is happening in your life, such as a crisis, a conflict, or a problem, try to look for the best solution for everyone involved, not just for yourself. It will save you a lot of time, drama and extensive waste of your precious energy.
Understanding this concept has truly helped me in my everyday life. Now I understand that I need to look for the most valuable option for everyyone, not just what is best for me. If not, the solutions I look for return to trouble me and everything becomes more complicated in the long run. And I imagine this would apply to you too.
If you are going through a personal or professional conflict, don’t try to look for the best solution for yourself… but the solution that will best benefit everyone involved.
You will save yourself a lot of energy, heartache and drama.
You will find that everything is a lot more peaceful, lighter and easy going.
And everyone involved will be happier at the end of the day.

Sat Nam,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

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