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Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemy.

It is interesting to stop once in a while and analyse our internal dialogue, in a nuetral, non subjective way, without judgement.

Our “internal noise” is often filled with our deepest fears (past, present or future) and our lack of confidence in ourselves, in others or life in general. It can also be buzzing with our failures, whether they are real or imaginary.

And of course, this constant buzz doesn’t help us to elevate ourselves. On the contrary.

It has the tendency to repress us to a low level emotionally. And when we feel disheartened, we tend to perceive life differently. And as you know, how we see life is all about perceptions. Surely trying to be our own best friend and praising or motivating ourselves would be more productive than feeling trapped in repetitive thoughts or putting ourselves down?

Try to imagine how a good friend would behave when you go through difficult times in life. What words would they use to give you strength and support you?

I believe they would give you good advice in order to encourage you. Advice to help you get some space, and help you to distance yourself a little bit from the issue, such as taking a walk outdoors, going to the beach and totally disconnecting…  Anything that would allow you to return to life with positivity and hope.

Be that friend to yourself.

Treat yourself as they would treat you.

With a lot of love, understanding and compassion

Sat Nam,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

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