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I recently went to Lanzarote with my husband and my son.

We fell in love with the enchanting island and its dreamlike views, filled with a mixture of volcanoes and beautiful beaches.

And we were particularly impacted by the legacy of Cesar Manrique.

This multifaceted artist, painter, sculptor and architect, has left a profound imprint on his native island, which, he adores:

“To me, it is the most beautiful place on Earth. I have realised that if people were able to see it through my eyes – the way I see it – then they would think the same as I do”

His work and in particular, his extraordinary vision of the relationship between nature and man, are visible all over the island. The Jameos de Agua cave is a marvellous example of integration of art into nature. The inside of the volcanic tunnel was used to create a natural haven of palms with a gorgeous artificial lake.

Cesar Manrique was also very clear that his purpose in life was to bring peace, harmony and beauty to the Earth and followed this by sharing his vision through many different channels.

This man was incredibly gifted and not everyone has his talent (obviously!).

We do however, all possess the power to bring peace, harmony and beauty to the Earth, each of us in our own way.

So we should follow his example. Each of us, with our own talents and unique gifts, should try to bring more peace, harmony and beauty to our wonderful planet. It really needs it.

Sat Nam,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

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