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Imagine a world where everybody communicated harmoniously…A world where when people listen to each other “they feel intuitively and immediately what the other person feels, and understand what the other is saying”. That would be paradise, wouldn’t it?

It could be an attainable dream, if everyone began to learn the art of conscious communication.

If we only could tune in to the shuniya frequency within (the point of “zero”, the silent sacred space that exists inside of all of us) and then evoke that same resonance in the listener.

When we focus in this way, the listener feels relaxed and understands us clearly, without us having to talk too much.

It is a way of communicating from heart to heart, that transcends the mind.

It is the creation of resonance between the speaker and the listener.

When someone plays a note on a piano and another object in the room reverberates with its sound or creates similar vibrations. That sound or vibration from the second object, prolongs or increases the initial sound that was made, acting as a kind of soundbox.

Harmonious communication is the vibrations of one persons heart, reaching out to the other.

It is not easy to perfect, but we should at least try.

Because if we try to reach out and communicate in this way, it will really make a difference in our relationships and in our lives.

Sat Nam,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

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