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In order to be more mindful and be able to grow as a person (both on a personal and spiritual level), it is essential to continue  discovering experiencing and learning something new, every single day.

I know it seems hard to find time to do this, but it is necessary. After all, it is essential to develop yourself in order to change.
If you want to be succesful in life (in any sense) you need to “invest some time in yourself”, in terms of acquiring knowledge, experience and wisdom. If you don’t, you’ll soon realise that you don’t advance much and that your life becomes stagnant.
So I invite you to dedicate some time to yourself every day in order to experience or learn something new. It can be anything that you enjoy or simply calls your attention. But doing this will help you maintain your curiosity in life and continue to evolve as a person.
After all, life does not follow a straight path. It forces us to pass over hilly ground, mountains, through lakles, over mountains and peaks, as well as avoid dangerous cliffs and holes. So it is always important to be prepared and have enough tools to face whatever life throws at you, so that you don’t get stuck along the way!
As for myself, I am always learning and experiencing new things too! I have begun my second level of Kundalini Yoga training – I am now working on the beautiful topic of Mindful Communication. It’s very exciting! (I will tell you all about it another time, as I am sure you will find it interesting too!)

Sat Nam,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

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