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Two weeks ago we said Farewell to 2015 and it is not too late to turn the page.

There are several ways of turning the page. You can do it naming all you disliked last year so as not to go through it again. Or you can do it naming everything you liked and loved in 2l015 hoping to follow this lovely path again.

As for me, I definitely choose the second option. For if you keep your attention and energy on something this « something » is apt to grow. That is why I had rather keep my attention and energy on all the wonderful things that happened to me in 2015 and I suggest you do the same.

You can do i tat all levels, personal, spiritual, professional.

Be thankful for the good relationships you have with your family and close friends

-for the time you spend practicing yoga and meditation so as to connect with your inner light

-for the initiatives you take to make our planet earth a better world

-for the steps you have taken to realize your dearest wishes

These 1001 things that make our lives worthwhile and pleasant, whatever the circumstances.

I also suggest you look forward to 2016 without thinking of what you want to attain but thinking of how you want to feel. For example, rather than think « I would like to be successful », think « I would like to feel happy and at peace with myself ». For the more you think how you want to feel, the more life will offer you lovely oppotunities which will exceed your expectations.

So think of yourself as happy, stressless and creative in 2016 and let yourself be surprised by life.

Sat Nam,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

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