We are already nearing the end of June and the holidays are upon us.

How exciting!

I just wanted to share with you a few ideas for nurturing your body, your mind and your soul over the next few weeks, in order to have a wonderful time!

Here is my list (if not a little disorganised!):

  • Do as much outdoor sport as you can. You can do running, swimming, walking, surfing, riding a horse or enjoying a few days on a boat, rock climbing or scuba diving, depending on whether you are at the ocean, in the mountains or in the countryside.
  • Always be conscious of your breathing and practice expanding your ribcage and taking in air. Try holding it underwater (without overdoing it, of course!). And practice some pranayamas.
  • Sleep outdoors, at least once during the summer months and feel part of the universe while you watch the stars.
  • Take mini naps of 15 to 20 minutes after eating. That is all you will need to feel like new!
  • Play the game “the life of my dreams” where you imagine what the life of your dreams would look like. Throw your ideas out to the universe … everything in life begins with a dream.
  • Drink fresh juices. This is the time to drink green smoothies too! Try new flavours and combinations of fruit that aren’t available during the rest of the year.
  • Introduce your children to a few yoga exercises (such as the frog or the cat-cow) or teach them the meditation “I am happy, I am good”, depending on their energy level and the time of day.
  • Rediscover the beauty of our planet with walks or strolls in nature. These can be in far away, unknown places, or simply right at home.
  • Try getting up very early in the morning to do a sadhana and be at one with the Universe.
  • Watch your diet. Pick fruit directly off the tree if possible or buy your fruits and vegetables fresh from a local market. (I always have marvellous memories of the summer markets in France).
  • Every now and then, do something that you are really excited about. Personally, I like eating cakes while I am in France, especially kouign amann, which are filled with butter and sugar. I know it sounds terrible…but it is my guilty pleasure!
  • Try taking a cold shower in the morning. There is nothing better to wake you before a
  • Spend time with your loved ones and hug them as much as you can. Because we never spend enough time with the people we love and it is a very simple way of elevating our own serotonin levels too.
  • Read books that you love. Forget about television and computer screens and share some of your favourite childhood authors with your children instead.
  • Grab a leaf and some pencils and draw. It doesn’t matter if you draw well or not, just reconnect with your creativity and allow yourself to do something imperfect. Just enjoy it!
  • Grab a small notebook at the beginning of the holidays and either daily or weekly, write a few lines about what you do, your children’s funny comments or the lovely moments you spend with your loved ones. They will be precious memories to look back on in a few years time.


So now tell me…what will you choose to do from this list? If you have any other lovely things to do during the summer, be sure to share them with us too! The more ideas, the better!

By the way, with so much to do over the summer, I won’t be able to write my blog as well.

But I will return in September, filled with inspiration and new ideas.

Sat Nam,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

Leave me a comment. It will be a pleasure to read it (and answer you).

And please, share this blog post with your loved ones… so we elevate the vibration of the world alltogether. Thank you.


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