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A few days ago, I came across a video on Facebook that really moved me.

It began with an antique photo of a baby (a girl) in the arms of a nurse. A text explained that this three month old baby had been accidentally burned very seriously on her head and her hands.

The nurse in the photo looked at the baby with so much love and affection, that even I could appreciate that bubble of love, even as a an onlooker. Fortunately the baby survived and had the photos to show for her time in the hospital.

During her childhood, she looked at those photos when other children laughed at her or made fun of her. She felt comforted and more confident as she felt the love of the unfamiliar nurse. “If someone who hardly knew me could take care of me with so much love and affection, that means that someone else will love me, even with these scars” she thought.

For several years, she tried to discover who this marvellous, affectionate nurse was. Finally, at 38 years of age she managed to find her. The nurse’s name was Susan Berger.

This story really moved me and I have to say that I loved it!

It teaches us that when we make a gesture of love and affection towards someone (even someone we don’t know) we can connect with that person deeply and truly change their life.

We should never forget that. We should always think about showing love and affection to the people around us, whether we know them or not.

Because that is how we will change the world. Life by life, smile after smile.

Here is the photo of Susan Berger with the little girl in her arms.

Sat Nam,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

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