Anytime a woman tries to impress a man by her achievements, chase him or seduce him into sex to get him to love her instead of just being who she truly is, she is going to make him feel unsafe, unloved, used and emotionally disconnected from her.

It is actually the best way to SABOTAGE LOVE.

All those patterns come from our shadow and our agenda.

The interesting thing about those patterns is we do them to be loved and YET they aren’t loving – neither is it loving to ourselves or to men.

They come from unresolved self-hatred.

Many women think they know how to “lean back” but they are still operating with a man from their wounded feminine.

Men can feel it… and go from pursuing hard to blowing hot and cold.

So… when you think you are leaning back… lean back even more.

And redirect all your time and energy back to yourself.

Heal your heart, awaken your soul and fully dive into the Divine feminine.

It will help you create a powerful emotional bond with a man, so he feels safe to give you his heart and see you as his one and only.

When a man comes near a woman he wants to feel that he will be received with an open heart.

He wants to find a warm woman who isn’t playing games and is honest about expressing her truth and needs so he doesn’t have to guess.

He wants to connect with her heart, laugh, fears.

He wants to feel seen and believed in. 

When you do your own part – heal your heart and rely on your Divine Feminine Energy, something surprising happens… you get out of your own way and you start enjoying this LOVE journey a lot more. It makes you highly desirable, magnetic and irresistible to men.

I know that it is completely normal to feel scared, to have doubts and think “Is it safe for me to let go of my old patterns, be vulnerable and truly open my heart?

This is where I come in and help you:

*to integrate your shadow and let go of your old patterns

*to awaken your Divine Feminine Energy 

*to fully open your heart 

*to understand men… so that you can build intense emotional attraction with them.

You have a choice, dear soul.

You have a choice to take everything you read and keep guessing your way or you can choose today to change your love life for ever by receiving key support.

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