When a man comes near a woman he wants to feel that he will be received with an open heart.

He wants to feel seen and believed in. 

He wants to find a warm woman who isn’t playing games and is honest about expressing her truth and needs so he doesn’t have to guess.

He wants to connect with her heart, laugh, fears.

Anytime a woman tries to impress a man by her achievements, chase him or seduce him into sex to get him to love her instead of just being who she truly is, she is going to make him feel unsafe, used and emotionally disconnected from her.

It is actually the best way to SABOTAGE LOVE.

All those patterns come from our shadow and our agenda.

The interesting thing about those patterns is we do them to be loved and YET they aren’t loving – neither is it loving to ourselves or to men.

They come from unresolved wounds.

Many women believe they know how to embody their feminine energy, but they often operate from their wounded feminine.

Men can sense this, causing them to shift from enthusiastic pursuit to sporadic interest.

When I encounter women wrestling with self-doubt or relationship insecurities, I encourage them to lean back.

I suggest redirecting their focus and energy inward, embarking on a journey to heal their hearts, awaken their souls, and fully embrace the divine feminine within.

This transformation empowers them to feel secure emotionally… and forge a profound emotional bond with a man, enabling him to recognise  them as his one and only.

The beauty in this journey lies in the magic of doing your part—mending your heart, uncovering your unique attachment style and embracing your Divine Feminine Energy.

In doing so, something surprising unfolds: you remove your own barriers, opening up to enjoy the love journey to the fullest. This makes you not only highly desirable but also magnetic and irresistible to men.

If you would love to release your old wounded patterns and re-open your heart so that you can love and be loved deeply, but you don’t know how… no worries. 

This is where I come in to assist you:

  • Uncovering your unique attachment style and transition from insecurity to security.
  • Guiding you to integrate your shadow and let go of outdated patterns.
  • Aiding you in awakening your Divine Feminine Energy.
  • Supporting you in fully opening your heart.
  • Providing insights into understanding men, thereby enabling the cultivation of intense emotional attraction.

Dear soul, the power is yours. You have a choice: continue guessing your way through, or today, choose to transform your love life for good by seeking the key support you deserve.

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