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Many years ago I had a teacher who always said “ We have two choices in life, the brake or the accelerator ”.

We can run slowly along our path, stagnating in places we would rather not be, perhaps even filled with anger, jealousy, fear, desperation, guilt or spite.  Or we can accelerate our pace and reconnect with peace and interior love.
As the yogi Bhajan used to say:
“There are two kinds of instincts that guide a man. A man can either improve his future or block his future from improving. If you are conscious of this and have an honest and sincere desire to improve your expectations, you will always have habits that help you to have a more hopeful future. If you cannot take care of God, at least take care of your future.”
Progressing in your life requires embarking on a spiritual path and reconnecting with yourself. Your success in life depends on this connection, on your intuition, creativity, happiness, trust in the universe and trust in yourself.
In choosing this spiritual path, we will leave behind old patterns and habits in life that block our way and take responsibility for what happens to us. It involves dedicating some time every day to listening to and reconnecting with, the infinite inside yourself.
This requires discipline, of course.
But you will soon realise that this discipline is what will allow you live a much more enjoyable and peaceful life, as you leave drama, conflict, fear or anger behind you.
Without a doubt, this will be a life where you do not need to struggle and will begin to attract what you want, simply by being yourself.
Don’t forget that on Sunday the 27th of November, I have organised a workshop dedicated to “Feminine Energy” and learning to develop it, in order to attract abundance to our lives.
I would love it if you can join me! Please find further information here.

Sat Nam,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

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