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Every now and then, we might go through difficult moments or disagreements with our loved ones, our friends or our work colleagues. And when this happens, these situations can be intense and even very unpleasant.

During those situations, whatever the reason for the anger, it is easy to turn the other person into a monster and perceive them through their  multiple defects, such as selfish, manipulative, a liar, etc.…
All of a sudden, everything that we like about that other person bursts and fades away.
You know it well, it happens to everyone.
But it is important not to forget in these moments, that whatever we may not like about the other person, often tends to be something that we do not like about ourselves.
As in the words of the Yogi Bhajan “the other person is you!”.
We are all human beings with the same desire to be happy. And we all have the same fears of losing our loved ones, of getting ill, of making mistakes, of falling short, of losing our job or of being rejected.
We also all have an angelic side and a more human side, along with aspirations and limitations.
When we start to perceive the person in front of us as “our other self”, many of our conflicts are pacified and we can grow together, learning from our common mistakes with a lot of compassion.
Starting this month, I will be reducing the frequency of my blog posts, as I need time to develop various different projects and this seems to be the best way forward. So from now on, you will receive my posts in your inbox every second tuesday… the next one will be on Tuesday 22nd of November.
As you well know, life is constantly changing and we have to learn to listen to our intuition!

Sat Nam,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

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