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Having a strong nervous system is essential in life, as it helps us keep calm when faced with any circumstances or events that life might throw at us. This is how we can have the strength to bear the toughest moments in life,  as well as the day to day events that we face.

I imagine it has happened to you (as it has happenned to me), that one day you wake up in the morning thinking “Today is going to be a wonderful day! Whatever happens I will enjoy it, maintain my inner calm and be happy”. Yet as the morning progresses, you find yourself in a completely different state of mind for a multitude of reasons (perhaps some bad news, a disagreeable word,  a challenging attitude or simply because of being late).

We all have good intentions in these situations, yet often have low resistance to the tiny grains of sand we accumulate in our shoes throughout the day. The smallest thing can become capable of making us lose our patience, leading us to fall back on feelings of anger, guilt, jealousy, criticism or sadness.

Because even though we have good intentions, if our nervous system is weak we are unable to withstand the challenges of lifes ups and downs.

And  as you know, life is full of ups and downs!

That is why in Kundalini yoga we pay special attention to strengthening the nervous system through specific exercises, in order to endure daily stress better, while maintaing inner calm and happiness.

That’s the key to living an enjoyable life.

Sat Nam,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

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