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Do you know what I like the most in life? (apart from giving yoga classes, of course!) It is actually … taking a yoga class.

And I know that I will continue to take yoga classes with my teachers for the rest of my life.

Attending classes is essential for any yogi, as it allows us develop a sense of group consciousness, without which, we wouldn’t be able to experience Universal Consciousness.

Yogi Bhajan explained this very clearly:

“Take care of the spiritual side of your life and join others to experience and elevate yourself, the group and the universe. When someone doesn’t have or doesn’t develop their individual consciousness towards group consciousness, they are unable to experience the final goal of Universal Consciousness. There will always be barriers, such as a lack of knowledge, lack of a teacher, ego, fear and karma. They are all barriers. And those barriers limit us. The development of group consciousness focused on experiencing infinity, is the bridge towards Universal Consciousness. This frees us as it is unlimited and satisfies spiritual yearnings.”

Sharing this in a group is essential for so many reasons:

It helps us to open ourselves to universal love and compassion.

It allows us to transform ourselves much faster – group energy multiplies the effects of kryas (series of exercises) and meditations.

And in moments of crisis (as we all pass through difficult times in our lives) group energy can support us as individuals.

When I did my training as a yoga teacher, my classmates and I noticed the power of group energy and since then, we get together regularly to practice sadhana together.

Practicing as part of a group is important, whether we are a beginner or a more advanced yogi. In fact, you will notice that in a Kundalini yoga class, beginners are mixed with more advanced participants. There are no ‘levels’. Everyone has something to give, receive and share with the group and each individual’s contribution is essential in elevating the group.

If you would like to experience this group consciousness and elevate your Kundalini energy by sharing with others, I would love to welcome you to one of my Kundalini Yoga classes.  

So don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Sat Nam,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

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And please, share this blog post with your loved ones… so we elevate the vibration of the world alltogether. Thank you.


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