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The videos are Ready!
I have made all of these recordings with a lot of love, thinking of you.
And I am so excited to send them to you now!  
I hope that you enjoy them and they help you to practice – every day if possible!
I have recorded a brief introduction to Kundalini Yoga, the pranayama, the krya for mental and emotional balance, as well as the meditation for a calm heart.
I know that many of you would also like to see a video of the of Guru Ram Dass meditations and meditation for children.
But unfortunately I haven’t been able to record those last ones yet. Apologies – maybe in the near future!
They took a lot longer than I imagined they would. Mostly because I began recording in my small yoga studio. Then I changed my mind and decided to rerecord some of it outdoors, in the small woods next to my house. You know how that happens, when you decide to follow your intuition, something surprising always happens.
If you know of any family or friends who could benefit from any of these exercises or the guide, please share the link to my page (www.gabriellethil.com/en) with them.
If more of us can discover these wonderful exercises, we will feel better and make the world a better place too.
Thank you for sharing and helping me to spread these sacred teachings.

Sat Nam,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

Please, come and leave a comment below. Tell me if you like those videos. It will be such a pleasure to read you.

And share this blog post with your loved ones… so we elevate the vibration of the world alltogether. Thank you.


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