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Tomorrow never comes.

A friend once wrote to me, saying that she had stopped meditating daily and was finding it increasingly difficult to find the strength to take it up again.

Not an uncommon situation to find yourself in (it happens to the best of us!). It’s easily done, you skip one day’s meditation and then suddenly find yourself wondering how you could have gone 15 days without meditating at all.

When I first read her message my instant response was “Do you have time right now?” to which she answered. “Yes!”. My gut reaction was to tell her “ So, meditate right now!”.

Perhaps she didn’t expect that response from me, but she knew deep in her heart it was a fair response. She did meditate and has never looked back, or missed a daily meditation again.

Whatever goals we set for ourselves in life, we shouldn’t put them off until tomorrow.

Because as you and I both know… tomorrow never comes when we are putting something off.

We always have a 101 things to do and time just whizzes by, while our enthusiasm and will to take action diminishes.

As Thomas Jefferson once said: “Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today”.

So, if you have been planning to meditate for some time… get started right now! There is no better time than now.!

Don’t wait for tomorrow!

And if by any chance you have been thinking of trying one of my classes, do it! Don’t put it off… if you don’t do it now, you might never!

Sat Nam,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

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