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There are times in life when we desire something in particular, but sometimes it is just not the right time to try to attain it. This could be because we are tired, we are not inspired or we don’t have “the” good idea.
In these circumstances, if we try to get what we want at whatever cost (and like a bull in a china shop) it takes a lot of effort and sometimes, for dissappointing results.
With experience however, we begin to understand that in waiting for the right time, our efforts and the time we put into it, can bear much richer fruit. They can even bring results that are far better than what we expected or imagined.
Frequently, the path of our lives and indeed our happiness, depends heavily on our ability to know when to wait for the right moment.
And the “right” moment is always dependent on our energy levels.
When we don’t exude positive energy, no matter what we do, we will not project what we want to.
And for this reason, when things don’t happen or turn around as we expect them to, it is better to leave them to one side. Things have to flow. And if they don’t, you should leave them to rest for a while. Do something totally different in the meantime. Something physical or manual such as; cooking, gardening, yoga, taking a bath, going for a walk, laughing with your children, singing a song or moving. Or just simply taking a nap under a beautiful tree! Do whatever you fancy and makes you feel alive, consciously and right away!
Then in a short space of time, you’ll see that your energy changes and you have the idea or the inspiration that you have been looking for . All of a sudden it appears, right in front of you!
Just like Newton and the apple! He didn’t dicover his theory of Gravity, until he stopped searching for it and the answer fell right on top of his head!
Sat Nam,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

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