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Walk in nature as often as you can.

Since I moved to the outskirts of Madrid, I take a daily walk in the woods. It is one of my priorities. I do it to get my fill of prana – prana is the subtle part of air, the vital energy of the universe. If we lack prana, we can’t actually feel well, either mentally or emotionally .

Next time you feel tired, without energy, lacking the will to do anything or in a bad mood I suggest you go outside and take a walk in nature. You will notice that in a few minutes you feel better. Your mental and emotional state of mind will have changed.

While you walk, breathe consciously. Inhale deeply so as to get filled with prana. And, if you notice the upper part of your chest is tense, move your arms in big slow circles so as to get free of stress and let the air circulate freely in your body. When you get filled with prana you will strengthen your eighth body – your pranic body. It is essential to have a powerful pranic body since it allows you to feel bolder, to better control your mental attitude and to help your body heal itself.

Frequent walks, consciously practicing long and deep breaths, will allow you to find the right balance between your positive and negative mental attitudes. So take walks in nature as often as you can, everyday if possible. It is one of the best ways you can feel in harmony with yourself.

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