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Our words can be very powerful, yet we rarely pay attention to them. In fact, most of the time we speak almost automatically and without a second thought. This is a huge shame, as our words can have a great deal of creative power, both in terms of the actual words we use and how they form part of our internal dialogue.

It is important to pause and reflect on the words we are using, every once in a while. It’s interesting to discover that words are recurrent, both in our mouths as well as our minds. This is because all of the words that we choose (whether consciously, or not) are a reflection of our attitudes and our way of dealing with life.

Yogi Bhajan used to say that “If your words have infinite strength and are virtuous, if you value them, you are the greatest of the greats. If you do not value your words, you will have no worth. Your own words reflect your worthiness as a human being. Your word is your worth”.

Our words are extremely powerful because they are creative. They can uplift or they can destroy.  They cannot be erased once they have been spoken.

Behind every word there is energy. And as we all know, a neutral word can be destructive when used with negative energy and the intended purpose of hurting another person.

Ideally, all we should do is use our words to uplift others. But we often fail to do this in everyday life (myself included!) which is perfectly normal.

However, it is not ideal. And even though we often fail to choose our words wisely, we should pay more attention to watching our words, especially those that we direct towards our children. Children are after all like sponges, soaking up the intention and energy behind every word we speak.

After all, the more power we have over someone, the more we should take care of the way we speak to them.

Sat Nam,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

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