Yogi Bhajan, the teacher who brought Kundalini Yoga’s teachings to the West, once said:

“We lose three things in life… flexibility, humility and compassion.”

In referring to flexibility, he wasn’t only talking about physical flexibility, but the flexibility of the mind. This is because flexibility of the body and of the mind, are interconnected.

And if Yogis focus so hard on working on flexibility, it isn’t only so they can have a

vital and healthy body. It is to control their mind. The mind tends to be our own worst enemy or our best friend on the road to consciousness. So it is essential to conquer its limitations, in order to expand it to Infinity.

When Yogi Bhajan spoke of humility and compassion, he did so from his profound knowledge of human beings. Deep within ourselves, we all yearn strongly to merge with the Universal Soul – the Universe.

But we often forget it and fall into duality; in fear, desperation or anger.

And the greatest teachers know this well.

That’s why they are humble and compassionate. Both with themselves and with others.

Because they know that anyone can fall in this trap, themselves included.

And that is the reason why they stick to their Sadhana – their yogi discipline. Because it is their ally in the road to consciousness.

Let’s be inspired by these teachers. Let’s be flexible, humble and compassionate, both to ourselves and to others.

Sat Nam,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

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