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Life is made up of constant change.

And there are many opportunities to try to fight or push back against these changes, even though this is often futile. Like trying to put out a fire with a teaspoon of water.
What we need to do instead,  is accept and ride the waves of changes, learning to live through them in a conscious manner.
Remember when you were 20 years old… for sure you were a very different person to the one you are today! You probably didn’t have a partner or children back then. Perhaps you lived in a different country, studied something somewhere, or were about to start a new job
I’m sure that many of the changes in your life have brought you great happiness as well as fear, at least in the beginning.
Because change does create fear and provoke resistance to that change. In this situation we might think things like: “What happens if this doesn’t work out?  And that my idea is not as good as I hoped?”, “If everything falls apart, what shall I do?”  “Shall I give up on my dreams?”
When we project ourselves into our future, it is normal that negative thoughts appear first. This is because our negative mind has the purpose of protecting us from harm.
But we shouldn’t remain blocked or stuck there.
We should learn to reach our neutral mental state. That is where the positive and the negative are balanced.
We should accept change with thoughts such as “Change is good!” and take advantage of those moments, to transform and grow as a person, both on a personal and spiritual level.
When we can see change from this perspective, everything is different.
We can begin to trust the universe instead of trying to resist change. And everything flows in a completely different way… it is joyful.

Sat Nam,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

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