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Yoga is not flexibility

Yogi Bhajan  once said “If physical flexibility and the ability to do different poses makes someone a yogi, then the best ones would be circus acrobats!”

And what he said was very true! At the end of the day, yoga has actually very little to do with flexibility.

Yoga is about uniting with infinity. A state of pure consciousness that allows you to free yourself from old subconscious patterns and habits, in order to live fully the “here and now”. This is what Kundalini is called after all, the “yoga of consciousness”.

Regularly practising yoga helps us to link the relationship between the mind, the body and the soul. And it can have important and profound effects on the body, aside from obviously, improving flexibility.

Each of us have very different bodies and different stories too. And each of us begin our yoga practice according to our own capabilities.

Some of us go to yoga class for the first time with impressive flexibility. Others, may have much more limited abilities. But that doesn’t really matter. What is important is to begin with respect and love for ourselves and give ourselves over completely to our yoga practice.

The goal is not the important thing to focus on, but how we get where we want to go.

In fact, there are no goals in yoga as such. Only the path.

So enjoy your practice, at whatever point in your journey you find yourself.

Give yourself completely to yoga.

When you do, you will surely reap the benefits.

Sat Nam,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

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