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Nowadays many people think that being successful or having money, are clear indications of living a full life.

But as you well know, money and success can come and go. And when we pass away, I don’t think that either is as important, as being conscious of living in the moment.

That’s why reconnecting with our inner light, should be our main goal.

This is because reaching that inner light (when our soul awakens) depends fully on the success of our lives. If we don’t awaken our soul, how do we access our intuition? How do we find a purpose in life? How can we express our gifts and unique talents?

And once we have found them, how can we be brave enough to follow our own path and not be influenced by our doubts or fears?

The simple act of living, requires courage.

And when I say live, I am referring to following our path with confidence, always staying true to ourselves, learning to control our mind little by little, healing our wounds and opening ourselves up gradually to love and compassion.

This consciousness takes work, on a daily basis, step by step.

But, you know what? The good thing is that once we embark on that journey towards ourselves, we start to be much more luminous and radiant. And nobody can take away that tiny sparkle in our eyes, the excitement in our smile.

And that is so much more important than anything else in the world.

Sat Nam,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

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