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Most people think we must feel compassion for others . But it is actually essential to start with feeling compassion for ourselves.

Each human being has the power to be good, brave, kind and ready to help others. At all moments  we have the power to raise ourselves but, even if our wish and our will are sincere, we often fail to do so. And we fall back into our old routine, far from the state of grace we are looking for. You, as well as me and as well as the greatest masters.

Think of your daily life. For how long do you succeed in maintaining your mental and emotional balance ? There are days when, as soon as we wake up, we are the prey to dark thoughts or anger. And when we are conscious of this we feel even worse, for the path to inner wisdon seems unattainable. So fe fall even lower in our self esteem.

This is precisely when we must feel compassion for ourselves. For even if we  wish to raise ourselves and show kindness to the people near us we often fail, we get angry with our loved ones and answer back aggressively, huring them instead of helping them raise themselves. We are going to be jealous and judge and criticize all the people we meet. We will feel fear, we will get depressed and lose faith in ourselves and in life. And this will happen again and again, and to all of us. No path is straightforward and easy.

When you realize you have fallen again into your old routine, feel compassion for yourself. Forgive yourself. Take a deep long breath and take hold again of your pilgrim’s staff so as to walk on the road which leads to inner peace and love.

And walk on, smiling.

Sat Nam,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

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