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Since we are born, we begin to write the story of our own lives.

Everything we do and experience is important to this story. Including the position of the planets at the time we are born, the culture of the country we live in, our immediate and extended family, study and work colleagues, our education, our successes and our failures. Everything we experience leaves an imprint on us, whether large or small, on both mental and emotional levels and makes us the people we are today.

If as a result of this we are happy and life makes us smile, then that is wonderful! But sometimes there are experiences on that journey that can block our happiness. We may not trust ourselves, fall into moments of sadness, fear change or be afraid of our future, if we come into contact with toxic people who radically affect our existence.

These are small obstacles that unbalance us and in the end, stop us from living life to the full.

Eliminating these “grains of sand” in order to to enjoy all the opportunities that life offers us, is not an easy task. This is because of patterns that are deeply rooted within us, that inhibit us from letting them go.

That is what I truly love about Kundalini Yoga. It is the most powerful and fast working tool that exists, to help us free ourselves from these limiting and undesirable “grains of sand”.

As it has a profound effect on the body, the mind and the soul (on a conscious and subconscious level), Kundalini Yoga allows us to begin to rewrite our future and live a fuller and richer life.

After all, that is what life is all about!

Sat Nam,

Gabrielle – Puranshant Kaur

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